Collection: Space City AI-Narrated Audiobooks

The Space City series is a young adult science fiction series filled with aliens, space travel, adventure, mystery, humor, and romance with a diverse cast.

Audiobooks are narrated by Artificial Intelligence narrators.

Neil Ericson

Hello, I'm Neil Ericson. I moved to Space City when I was sixteen and never looked back. It's been a crazy ride.

My best friend, Riagan Byrne, seems to get me into trouble all the time - picking a fight with fire aliens, constantly getting us on Sergeant Terror's bad side, and an incident with a skunk sack that I can't elaborate on.

Of course, I did get us tangled up, slightly, with some traitors trying to smuggle some tech from Space City. So I guess it evens out.

​And of course I somehow earned the interest of Maellyn Trevena. But don't tell her dad!

Riagan Byrne

The Space City Academy only recruited me because my sister refused to come without me. She's been the only one on my side for as long as I can remember. Until Neil anyway. 

The place started off overrated, but I have to admit there are occasionally some pretty cool stuff on Space City. Like the Academy Games, 3D printed gourmet meals whenever I want them, ATV obstacle course racing. And Rory's Weird and Unexplainable is epic.

It has been nice to have a few friends I can depend on. Neil is pretty cool. Maellyn's alright. Nico, keep that candy coming. And Jaya - I've got my eyes on you with Rois - but otherwise he ain't bad. Cheers!

Maellyn Trevena

Nice to meet you. I'm Maellyn Trevena. I've lived onboard Space City for most of my life and I love it!

The people, aliens, and so many exotic alien foods from great places. Pyrns and purple melons make life happy. Then warm butternells cooked by Kyori are reason enough to make a trip into the city. I promise you. 

And the collection of scientists here, led by my father, are the best anywhere. Experiments that are weird, occasionally unsettling, and always awesome can be found in the many labs within the science facility. You won't be bored.

Rois Byrne

Cheers. I'm Rois Byrne. My brother Riagan and I grew up in Ireland before being recruited to the Space City Preparatory Academy.

It's been everything we hoped it'd be - Riagan too. He just acts like its no big deal.

Space City has so many amazing things to offer, whether its exploring sims of other planets, or the opportunity to meet people from so many walks of life. We never could've gotten the opportunities this place affords us.

Riagan is already trying to talk me into planet-hopping for the rest of our lives. But my dreams are bigger than that and Space City allows me to realize them.

Nico Colombo

Look, yes. Yes, I run it, but keep it down. I don't need the academy to get wind that's its me that runs the candy black market.

Don't look. Be cool. I'll hook you up a little later. Just come by my dorm this evening.

I'm not just a purveyor of candy though. I can build awesome sims. Have you been to my Venice sim? Well, no. Maybe not that one. I'm still repairing what Caleb did. But when its fixed, hit me up. It's good. Ask Neil.

Trini Flores

Wolf Spider. That's my nickname. Watch me play the Academy Games. You'll get it. I've definitely got my eye on joining a team in the Space City Games when I graduate. It's been my dream since my first Games match. I love it!

But I'm not just an athlete. I help my aunt, Space City's lead doctor, when she works out in the field during the summers. She visits planets where the natives possess less medical care than what we are afforded, and I help, too.

I can do both. I got this.

Jiro Takeda

You heard, what? Man, who did you hear that from?Keep your voice down. This is embarrassing. Yes, my first hunting trip I killed a rhino boar by chasing it off a steep hill. Yeah, I fell off, too.

But you can't blame me. My dad wanted me to hunt a giant sloth. A giant sloth! I couldn't come back and tell everyone that. When I saw the rhino boar, I overreacted.

After that I had to take on two rogue Malsain, though.

By myself.

No one seems to remember that. I'll show everyone in the Games next season.