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The fourth Space City book is out. It is available on the site in hardback, paperback, and ebook editions.

Book Description:

A volcanic eruption destroys Trini and Cho’s means of returning to Space City minutes after their arrival on a low-tech planet, leaving them unable to contact home for help. Maliek visits his alien crush in her homeworld, but the invitation is not what it seemed. Devika and Nico attempt to solve a trial rumored to reveal the location of a lost, ancient alien civilization. But what starts off as a series of interesting riddles lands them in a deadly environment. Arielle believes she’s set for an easy weekend on Sundara with Dirk to celebrate their first anniversary, only to encounter a familiar threat. Cade investigates a quarantined R&D facility, looking for answers to the death of a friend’s father, until someone shoots down his ship.

Can these seven overcome the obstacles in their path before they become Contact Not Found?